Sustainability & Ethics

Here at GWD, we care about the world and our place within it. When it comes to our clothing, we design with the future in mind – to ‘Love, Wear, Repeat’ – and not throw away.

From our use of long-lasting quality materials to our packaging, we’re proud to champion sustainable practices and care for the environment – whilst always ensuring ethical working conditions.


Fabrics and Trims

We continue to increase our use of:

  • Organic Cotton grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or harmful chemicals.
  • Recycled Polyester to help reduce plastic waste.

We do not use Nickel in our trims and embellishments due to common skin allergies.

Dyes and Printing

We only use inks and dyes that do not contain carcinogenic chemicals.

We continue to increase our use of:

  • Digital printing using water-based inks, containing less chemicals and petroleum products.
  • Natural dyes derived from plants and minerals.


All of our customer packaging is recycled and recyclable, using cardboard and tissue paper.

We continue to increase our use of recycled and recyclable packaging in our factory and warehouse.

Our Manufacturing Partners

All of GWD’s manufacturing partners are regularly audited by a third party to ensure they meet the Sedex standards of labour, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethics.

Our Social Code of Conduct covers child labour, forced labour, working/accommodation condition, treatment of workforce, working hours, wage and benefits, freedom of association, non-discrimination, and regular employment.

Our Environmental Code of Conduct covers the reduction/elimination of hazardous substances to products and processes, the adoption of pollution prevention measures and systems, and the responsible usage of natural resources.

At the Office

With recycling bins placed across our entire building, we’re making it easier for recyclable paper and plastic to be disposed of correctly.

We restrict the amount of printing carried out at the office, with double sided printing the default setting for all documents sent to our printers.

We regularly donate clothing to Barnardo’s who support vulnerable children and young people throughout the UK.

Love, Wear, Repeat

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